Weather: We’ve had some serious cold lately. My bedroom thermometer has almost, but not quite, dropped below 60 F. There was mixed freezing rain today, but we persevered and made it out to church.

Home Keeping: I’ve been doing basic house maintenance and that’s bout it. I’ll tell you what though, it is much easier to keep house when you aren’t educating your kids at the same time.

Cooking: The girls and I have made 2 different types of cookies so far. Mexican Wedding Cakes and Chocolate Charms. They are both eggless, shortbread cookies but flavored differently. The wedding cakes have ground almonds and the chocolate charms speak for themselves.

We have used whole wheat pastry flour (wwpf) and sucanat for everything. Oh, I have been using store-bought lard called Manteca, for 1/2 of the butter. The cookies are light, crunchy and delightful. Not heavy at all. Yeah fresh milled grain!

I *think* if folks had a chance, without telling them, to eat cookies, cakes, etc made with freshly milled whole wheat, they would PREFER them. Just a thought.

Knitting: Actually not doing much. Just a little in the evening with a VERY little TV watching.

Spinning: I have been spinning like Rumpelstiltskin lately. I have finished up the black, Icelandic fleece from Natasha’s farm. Andy has subsequently bought me another 1 and it is even MORE gorgeous if that is possible. I am processing this one without the help of the washing machine, and it is making a world of difference.

On My Mind: We have been forced to turn on the oil heater as I broke the window out of our wood stove. This couldn’t have come at a worse time, but, I learned a lesson that could potentially save our lives later. Who knows? So, we are using 2 kerosene heaters mainly and the oil furnace in the morning to knock the chill off.

Well, the DH and kids are putting lights on the tree, I think I’ll go and offer moral support and watch and spin. Blessings, beloved


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