Knit pictures and repentance, aren’t you glad you dropped by! ha

WEATHER:The weather is 78.8 F today, so far. Everything is green and I am hoping the pollen explosion is past. I love the sound of the wind in the leaves, especially when the leaves are young and light green.

KNITTING:I have been knitting. A lot. I like to spend my time knitting and not wrestling with my camera, computer, and blog server to show off what I have been doing. So, here is a couple of days worth of technology work to show you I DO still knit… A lot.

COOKING:Made a Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake today. Not very pretty as the bottom stuck badly, but with a gnache glaze…. I don’t think I’ll hear any complaints!

Interesting blending technique for a pound cake. Melted butter and chocolate and sugar together in a heavy bottom pan. Le Creuset rocks y’all! Then, added all the flour, leavening, cinnamon, etc and poured directly into the pan. Chocolate, perfectly deep and rich.

CLEANING: Not keeping up too well at the moment. I basically keep the kitchen under control, so I can cook another meal and keep the toilet from smelling awful. Other than that, it is pretty spotty. I just don’t have people over much, or, they drop in on me and I decide I don’t care. Works either way.

GARDENING: Disappointment this year. It is May 5th and have not tilled the garden or started seeds. This is NOT like me. We’ll see if I get anything in the ground this year. Still composting tho.

SCHOOLING: Classical Conversations is over until next October, thank You Jesus! Very stressful but good.

ON MY MIND: There is always a lot on my mind. Even tho I am an extrovert, I think a lot. My favorite times of day are in the early mornings and right before sleep. Lately, I am thinking about repentance. Big word. What is repentance? How does it show up in your life? What does it look like?

I RESENT strongly the idea that repentance is some kind of Pavlovian behavioral modification.

It was recently said to me, “Catie, you are such a good little girl.” The context was a pastor helping me with my problems with mom. This was NOT a complimentary statement. Goodness has never gotten me anywhere. In fact, our goodness is self-righteousness. Great. I’m self-righteous, I won’t argue with that. But how do you stop being that way? Repentance.

I have more definitions of repentance than I can comfortably write here. Change of mind. 180 degree turn in behavior.

Those are all paltry descriptions of a profound gift that The Father has given us. Repentance. The gift of the ability to change. How to effect that in your life tho. That’s what’s on my mind today.


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2 responses to “Knit pictures and repentance, aren’t you glad you dropped by! ha

  • Sally

    i am so glad you posted, C — I feel like it’s the only way I ever see you! Your work is beautiful, and your point on repentance was well-taken . Thank you sharing your thoughts with us!

  • Mrs. W

    beautiful post C, and beautiful knitting! glad you’re blogging again, even if it’s just every so often. I suppose I should get back to it too. I have a lot to say (too much?) but don’t make the time to say it.

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