No time.

WEATHER: Hot, hot, hot, and humid. That’s all I got so say.
HOWEVER! Mid-August is upon us and the temps are going to start falling.

I have to say, I am a very, boring person. I blog about my life, weather, and feelings mostly. Hmmmm. Actually, that is why I am posting tonight. Feelings.

SCHOOLING: We are off to the races. 5th grade, 4th grade and somewhere between K and 1st. Classical Conversations has really saved my homeschooling hide! I am tutoring this year. Yikes.

COOKING: Grilled an entire salmon tonight. I overcooked it. oops. Some kind of ratatouille and brown rice. No bread.

KNITTING: Working on Alice Starmore’s St. Brigid, a 2 year endeavor. A afghan for DD#2. A couple of shawls. No time to list all of it here.

SPINNING: Completed plying the 2.5lbs of Cranberry wool/mohair blend. 3 ply. Not sure what weight yet. I’ll record that later.

ON MY MIND: I am feeling wistful, nostalgic or something. Not really sure what it is. I had a random thought about the Bible college I attended from 1989-1991. Lots happened there, mostly bad. But I still feel such affection for the place, professors, and old friends. The school FINALLY got a website up and running and have reached the 21st century, technologically speaking only.

I am frustrated because I don’t have time to really post tonight. I gotta go do other things. Should I hit publish? I think I will. Forgive the slapdash post complete with grammatical errors and no spell checking.


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