A week ago my mother died.

We buried her quickly because we didn’t want any of mom’s old friends to hassle us. We were right. I put the obituary out the Sunday following and already had several hangup calls. DH had to field a terribly unpleasant call from a distant family member who was extremely insensitive. Mental illness has robbed me of my mother, heaped judgement upon me, and devastated my nuclear family.

Today is Tuesday. Eleven days after she died. The grief is finally settling in. The people have left. Thanksgiving is Thursday. I am sad. Very, very sad.

Blogging grief. Is this a good idea?


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  • Dani

    Oh Catie, I am so sorry that you have to experience both your grief and the stress of others causing problems. If blogging feels right, then go for it. Let me know what I can do to help Catie.

  • Robin in VA

    I’m so sorry Catie…please let me know if I can help in anyway at all!

  • Knitnana

    Catie – let the insensitive dolts go their way. You did what was right, and you have every right to your grief…the grief of losing your Mom twice. I’m sending warm thoughts to you. Nothing replaces our Moms, and it’s one of the hardest losses to bear.
    ((((((((((Gentle Hugs))))))))))

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