Daily Bread

Beloved’s Daily Bread
for the bread machine

2 c water
1/8 c gluten
1 T salt
1/8 c sweetener, your choice
2 T, or so, oil of your choice
5-6 c freshly ground wheat
1 t yeast

1. Follow directions for your bread maker. This is a 2lb loaf. Tweek it to suit you, your family, and your machine. Trial and error is the only way to perfect this!
2. Mix-ins are endless. Here are some of my greatest hits. Only the mix-ins are listed, not exact amounts.

maple flavoring or maple syrup for sweetener
1/4 c popcorn, ground into cornmeal for texture
handful or so of dried cherries, added at beginning so they get beat up a lot

assorted grains milled with wheat. examples include: buckwheat, brown rice, oat groats, popcorn, barley………. possiblities are endless. You WILL need to tweek yeast and gluten amounts for this.


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